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 Pondering mirror symmetry, at Loch Ness, Scotland               Harmonic oscillator potential= 1/2 kx2


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    Fall 2008 Quantum Mechanics II

     homework assignment          detailed Table of content 2008f-QM2content


Previous years

Spring 2008 Quantum Mechanics I

syllabus             detailed table of contents


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hw-6   hw-7   hw-8  hw-9  hw-10   hw-11



Fall 2007  Quantum Mechanics II (Phys911)



 set-1  set-2  set-3    set-4  set-5





Spring 2007  Quantum Mechanics I (Phys811)



set-1      set-2      set-3    set-4    set-5   set-6  set-7  set-8   set-9   set-10



Fall 2006-- Applied Quantum Mechanics (Phys 709)

Homework:  set-1   set-2   set-3   set-4    set-5    set-6     set-7    set-8

                     set-9    set-10   set-11    set-12     set-13    set-14    

Previous Years

spring 2006    AMO-3 Nonlinear optics

fall 2005 AQM--

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             notes-8    notes-9   notes-10    notes-11 notes-12   notes-13   notes-14

              notes-15  notes-16   notes-17  keys-2&4   syllabus 

Spring 2005  AMO-2:     homework   Midterm-exam     final-exam     lectures:Molecules   laser lectures:Index
Fall 2004      AMO-1:         full lecture notes       homework       exams                   
Before 2004 :       link