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Department of Physics

Fall 2017 Colloquia

All colloquia are held at 4:15 p.m. in CW 102 unless otherwise stated.

Coffee & Cookies will be held at 5:15 p.m. in CW 119.

8/21No Colloquium - The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
8/28Brett DePaolaK-State  Welcome Back
9/4University Holiday - Labor Day
9/5Shambhu GhimireSLAC National Accelerator LabLinStrong-field Physics in Dense Media
9/11Michael RanneyUC BerkeleyDePaola Science, Numeracy, and Representations: Under-Appreciated Links Among Math, Physics, Other Sciences, Ethics, and Society (CW 102)
9/12Michael RanneyUC BerkeleyDePaolaNeff Lecture:  Welcome, Climate-Change Skeptics! Raising Acceptance of  Human-Caused Global Warming With Information (Union - Forum Hall)
9/18Daniel RollesK-State DePaolaHow to Make a Molecular Movie
9/19Yurii MaravinK-StateDePaolaK-State at the Energy Frontier
9/25Peter G SchunemannBAE SystemsWilsonAdvances in nonlinear optical crystals for the mid-infrared 
9/26Bret FlandersK-StateDePaolaRadio Frequency Electrochemical Crystallization—Crystal Growth One Atom at a Time 
10/2Olivier DoreJPL Samushia Studying inflation with Large scale structures: Life on the non-Gaussianity Frontier
10/9Robert Continetti UC San DiegoBen-ItzhakDissociation Dynamics and Particle Impacts: From Schrödinger to Newton
10/30Emil SidkyUniv. of ChicagoLin

Recent Advances in X-ray Tomographic Imaging 

11/6Daniel M. NeumarkUC BerkeleyBen-ItzhakUltrafast Dynamics in Atoms, Molecules, and Solids Studied with Attosecond Light Pulses
11/13Stephen MartinNorthern Illinois Univ. RatraBeyond Minimal Supersymmetry at the LHC
11/20Thanksgiving Break   
11/27Danny CaballeroMichigan State Univ. Laverty How might Physics Education Research facilitate the coming computational revolution?
11/28Osku KemppinenK-StateBergIn-situ measurement of large aerosols 
12/4Daniel MackowskiAuburn  Univ.Berg A plane wave model for direct simulation of reflection and transmission by discretely inhomogeneous plane parallel media
12/5Arjun NepalK-StateSorensenControlled Hydrocarbon Detonation technique to Mass-produce Graphene Nanosheets 

Colloquium Committee:  Chii-Dong Lin, (Chair), Andrew Ivanov, Bharat Ratra, Ellie Sayre, Gary Wysin, and Javad-Seyyed Robatjazi

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