Spring 2011 Colloquia

All colloquia are held at 4:30 p.m. in CW 102 unless otherwise stated.

Date Speaker Institution Host Title of Colloquium
1/17 University Holiday - Martin Luther King Day
1/18 Robert Szoszkiewicz K-State   The Szosz-lab at KSU: Nanomechanical Properties of Selected Proteins and Single Chemical Bonds, and Some Results with Thermochemical Nanolithography on Polymers
2/10 Jeremy Schmit Univ. of California-San Francisco D. Zollman What are the driving forces for the aggregation of proteins into crystals or amyloid fibrils?
2/14 Xiaoming Mao Univ. of Pennsylvania D. Zollman Isostaticity and a Unified View of Soft Elasticity
2/17 Tim Atherton Case Western Reserve Univ. D. Zollman Liquid Crystals and Patterned Surfaces
2/23 Greg Morrison Harvard Univ. D. Zollman Generalized Erdos Numbers, Networks, and Communities
2/28 Angela Speck Univ. of Missouri-Columbia B. Ratra Cosmochemistry & Astromineralogy: from the Big Bang to Life
3/7 Marvin Marshak Univ. of Minnesota T. Bolton The Deep Underground Sky
3/8 Vinod Kumarappan K-State   Laser-induced Alignment of Asymmetric Top Molecules
3/14 Thomas Weinacht Stony Brook Univ. C. Trallero An Ultrafast Quantum Camera: Capturing and Controlling Molecular Dynamics with Ultrafast Laser Pulses
3/21 Spring Break
3/28 Andras Kis Ecole Polytechnique Federale R. Szoszkiewicz Semiconducting Alternative to Graphene: Single-Layer MoS2
4/4 Wolfgang Rudolph Univ. of New Mexico K. Corwin Laser Damage – What do We Know and Why is it Still an Issue?
4/6 Chaden Djalali Univ. of South Carolina D. Zollman Chiral Symmetry and Medium Modification of Vector Mesons
4/11 George Gibson Univ. of Connecticut C. Trallero Just What is the Connection Between Physics and Music?
4/18 Christopher Elles Univ. of Kansas B. Flanders  
4/25 Piotr Marszalek Duke Univ. R. Szoszkiewicz The nanomechanics of proteins, nucleic acids and polysaccharides
5/2 Kameshwar Wali Syracuse D. Zollman Cremona Violins; a Physicist’s Quest for the Secrets of Stradivari
3:30 Hemisphere Room, Hale Library
Kameshwar Wali Syracuse D. Zollman Peterson Lecture: Exploring the Invisible Universe: Chandra X-ray Satellite Laboratory

Colloquium Committee:  Tim Bolton (Chair), Bharat Ratra, Robert Szoszkiewicz, Uwe Thumm & CheChen Wang

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