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Department of Physics

Department of Physics

The Department of Physics at Kansas State University is built around 30 highly productive faculty members whose research expertise here at K-State and world-class facilities such as Fermi National Lab, CERN, DESY (German Electron Synchrotron), SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab  provides students a wide variety of research experiences.

These faculty members include

  • 10 American Physical Society Fellows,
  • two American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellows, and
  • two Carnegie Foundation CASE National Professors of the Year.

Junior faculty members have won National Science Foundation's (NSF) CAREER awards and DOE Outstanding Junior Investigator awards.

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Read a welcome letter from our department head.

Earn a degree in Physics at K-State


The highly-rigorous undergraduate program prepares graduates to be competitive in top graduate programs or for employment. The programs can lead to the Bachelor of Science or Arts degree, as well as a various dual majors and minors.


The graduate program provides research opportunities in numerous fields including

This PhD program blends demanding coursework with cutting-edge research to prepare graduates for jobs in academia, industry, and government labs.

Our programs emphasize core academic competency and research excellence.

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This Week

Monday, January 16

University Holiday

Wednesday, January 18

AMO Seminar by Viktor Chikan, K-State Chemistry (Exploring the impact of large THz electric fields on molecular and electronic processes in gas and solid phase), 1:30 pm, CW 144/145

HEP Seminar (Organizational Meeting), 1:30 pm, CW 119

Astro/Cosmo Club, 3:30 pm, CW 119

Friday, January 20

Condensed Matter Seminar (Organizational Meeting), 1:30 pm, CW 119

DOE Faculty Meeting, 1:30 pm, CW 220

Graduate Student Recruitment and Selection Committee Meeting, 2:00 pm, CW 119


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