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Department of Physics

Department of Physics

The Department of Physics at Kansas State University is built around 30 highly productive faculty members whose research expertise here at K-State and world-class facilities such as Fermi National Lab, CERN, DESY (German Electron Synchrotron), SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab  provides students a wide variety of research experiences.

These faculty members include

  • 10 American Physical Society Fellows,
  • two American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellows, and
  • two Carnegie Foundation CASE National Professors of the Year.

Junior faculty members have won National Science Foundation's (NSF) CAREER awards and DOE Outstanding Junior Investigator awards.

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Earn a degree in Physics at K-State


The highly-rigorous undergraduate program prepares graduates to be competitive in top graduate programs or for employment. The programs can lead to the Bachelor of Science or Arts degree, as well as a various dual majors and minors.


The graduate program provides research opportunities in numerous fields including

This PhD program blends demanding coursework with cutting-edge research to prepare graduates for jobs in academia, industry, and government labs.

Our programs emphasize core academic competency and research excellence.

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This Week

Monday, November 18

Nuts & Bolts, 1:30 pm, CW 119

PER Discussion led by Amali Jambuge (Masculinities and experimental practices in physics: The view from three case studies), 2:30 pm, CW 119

Colloquium by Yong-Le Pan, CCDC-Army Research Laboratory (Real-time detection and characterization of biological and chemical aerosol particles at a trace level in atmosphere) 4:30 pm, CW 102

Tuesday, November 19

Faculty Meeting, 4:00 pm, CW 119

Wednesday, November 20

AMO Seminar by Huynh Lam, AMO (Angle-dependent ionization and fragmentation of nitrogen by ultraviolet pulse) and Tomthin Wangjam, AMO (High harmonic generation from mid-IR pulses: a progress report), 1:30 pm, CW 144/145

HEP Seminar by Glenn Horton-Smith, HEP (Statistical Techniques II: Statistical modelling and confidence intervals), 1:30 pm, CW 119

Thursday, November 21

Cosmology Club, 3:30 pm, CW 220

Friday, November 22

CMS Seminar by Gary Wysin, CMS (Frustration and dynamics in artificial spin ice), 1:30 pm, CW 119

DOE Faculty Meeting, 1:30 pm, CW 220

Cosmology Group Meeting, 3:30 pm, CW 119


Ratra to Speak at Emporia State on November 20

Undergraduate Blaine Fry receives poster award for international conference

K-State Professor Receives International Award for Lasting Contributions to Physics Education 

Alumni Startup Reaches Final Round of American Made Solar Prize Competition

Physics Major McLoud Accepts USAF Commission

Alumnae Jackie Spears named interim CEO and dean of K-State Olathe

Bolton appointed to High Energy Physics Advisory Panel 

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