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This Week

Monday, December 2

Nuts & Bolts, 1:30 pm, CW 119

PER Seminar by Jeremy Smith, KSUPER (Alignment between introductory physics teaching and contributions to The Physics Teacher), 2:30 pm, CW 119

Colloquium by Mustapha Ishak, UT-Dallas (The Acceleration of the Cosmos and Tests of Gravity at Large-Scales in the Universe ) 4:30 pm, CW 102

Wednesday, December 4

AMO Seminar by Bethany Jochim, AMO (Importance of one- and two-photon transitions in strong-field dissociation of NO^2+) and Anbu Venkatachalam, AMO (State-selective pump-probe studies on small molecules with single-harmonic XUV pulses), 1:30 pm, CW 144/145

Thursday, December 5

PhD Defense by Jason (Jianxiong) Li, AMO, (Spatiotemporally resolved photoemission from plasmonic nanoparticles), 10 am, CW 119

Cosmology Club, 3:30 pm, CW 220

Friday, December 6

CMS Seminar by Matt Berg, CMS (Aerosol Studies with Digital Holography), 1:30 pm, CW 119

DOE Faculty Meeting, 1:30 pm, CW 220

Cosmology Group Meeting, 3:30 pm, CW 119


Spotlight on the Kansas State University QuarkNet Center

Undergraduate Blaine Fry receives poster award for international conference

K-State Professor Receives International Award for Lasting Contributions to Physics Education 

Alumni Startup Reaches Final Round of American Made Solar Prize Competition

Physics Major McLoud Accepts USAF Commission

Alumnae Jackie Spears named interim CEO and dean of K-State Olathe

Bolton appointed to High Energy Physics Advisory Panel 

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