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This Week

Monday, March 27

Nuts & Bolts, 1:30 pm, CW 119

KSUPER Grad Research Forum Practice Talks, 2:30 pm, CW 119 

Colloquium by Romain Ceolato, ONERA/The French Aerospace Lab (Spectral Polarimetric Light-Scattering by Complex Media: From Aerosols to Biomedical Tissues), 4:30 pm, CW 102 

Tuesday, March 28

Faculty Meeting, 4:30 pm, CW 119

Wednesday, March 29

Astro/Cosmo Club, 3:30 pm, CW 119

Friday, March 31

DOE Faculty Meeting, 1:30 pm, CW 220

CMS Seminar by Lianjie Xue, K-State Physics CMS (Comparative study of the intermolecular dynamics of imidazolium-based ionic liquids with linear and branched alkyl chains: OHD-RIKES measurements), 1:30 pm, CW 119

High Energy Physics Seminar, TBA, 2:30 pm, CW 119


Physics Department Announces Activities for All-University Open House

Mr. Eclipse to Discuss Upcoming Total Eclipse and How to Photograph it in April 11 Workshop and Lecture 


Physics Professor Presented Lecture Highlighting 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics on Monday, March 13

Physics faculty among 35 Kansas State University faculty members granted sabbatical leave

Physics Distinguished Alumni Lecture to be Presented by Mars Curiosity Rover Coordinator at NASA on February 7

Physicists patent detonation technique to mass-produce graphene

Kansas EPSCoR AMO Physics Researcher Delivers Words of Encouragement to Hispanic STEM Students

Physicists film first 'tango' of an electron pair in an atom

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