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Monday, April 23

HEP Seminar (Going Around the Table: Reports from Grad Students on their Research), 11:30 am, CW 119

Nuts & Bolts, 1:30 pm, CW 119

PER Group Meeting with Katie Hinko, Michigan State Univ., 2:30 pm, CW 119

Colloquium by Katie Hinko, Michigan State Univ. (Characterizing the Impact on Participants in Informal Physics Learning Environments), 4:15 pm, CW 102

Wednesday, April 25

AMO Seminar by Shashank Pathak, KSU AMO Physics (XUV-assisted high harmonic generation), 1:30 pm, CW 144/145 

Friday, April 27

CMS Seminar by Gobind Basnet, KSU CMS Physics (Stochastic Heating at an Electrochemical Interface) and Ramesh Giri, KSU CMS Physics (Approximating Scattering Patterns from Holograms using Huygen's Principle), 1:30 pm, CW 119

DOE Faculty Meeting, 1:30 pm, CW 220

Astro/Cosmo Group, 3:30 pm, CW 119


Physics/Math undergraduate major among three students who receive Goldwater honorable mentions

Physics staff members recognized for years of service

Physics Major Benjamin Archibeque among Kansas State University students, alumni  who receive National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships 

KSU promotes 82 faculty members, 47 receive tenure including Bret Flanders and Yurii Maravin

Arts and Sciences associate dean visits Capitol Hill

Ratra to speak at Fort Hays State University's Science Cafe on April 10

Princeton scientist presenting Peterson lecture on questions surrounding origin of our universe - POSTPONED TO OCTOBER 29 

K-State physics research team publishes work on digital holography

Kristan Corwin named associate dean for research in College of Arts and Sciences

Senior physics major Sarah Peterson among students receiving OURCI spring 2018 research award

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