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Monday, August 20

First Day of Classes

Nuts & Bolts / 1:30 pm / CW 119

Physics Education Seminar – Organizational Meeting / 2:30 pm / CW 119

Friday, August 24

Condensed & Soft Matter Seminar Organizational Meeting / 1:30 pm / CW 119

DOE Faculty Meeting / 3:00 pm / CW 220

Astro/Cosmo Group / 3:30 pm / CW 119


Physicist, author Sylvester Gates to speak at K-State

Jackie  (BS '69, MS '72) Spears named acting associate dean for academic affairs at K-State Olathe

Prof Tim Bolton serves as co-editor on Interim Design Report for construction of gigantic particle detector modules involving more than 1,000 scientists from 32 countries

Summers awarded Laser Technology, Engineering and Applications Scholarship

K-State plasmonic light enhancement research featured on cover of leading physics journal

Berg to Deliver Keynote Address at International Conference

MicroBooNE measures charged-particle multiplicity in first neutrino-beam-based result by recent Physics PhD Rafique and thesis advisor Bolton

Physics graduate student work leads to grant award

Physicist joins major international project mapping universe's expansion

Physics/Math undergraduate major among three students who receive Goldwater honorable mentions

Physics staff members recognized for years of service

Physics Major Benjamin Archibeque among Kansas State University students, alumni  who receive National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships 

KSU promotes 82 faculty members, 47 receive tenure including Bret Flanders and Yurii Maravin

Arts and Sciences associate dean visits Capitol Hill

More Highlights from KSU Physics

Monday, June 18


Nuts & Bolts

1:30 pm

CW 119



Wednesday, June 20


K-SUPER Reading Group

1:30 pm

CW 119



Friday, June 22


Dandaneau Farewell Gathering

11:00 am

CW 220


DOE Faculty Meeting

1:30 pm

CW 220


Astro/Cosmo Group

3:00 pm

CW 119