Spring 2009 Colloquia

All colloquia are held at 4:00 p.m. in CW 102 unless otherwise stated.

Date Speaker Institution Host Title of Colloquium
1/6 - Tues Andrew Askew Rutgers Univ. D. Zollman Electroweak Physics at D0:  Stories the W can tell...
1/12 Junjie Zhu SUNY-Stony Brook D. Zollman Measurement of W boson mass at D0
1/15 - Thu Andrew Ivanov Univ. of California-Davis D. Zollman The Truth the Top Quark is Hiding
1/20 - Tues Shin-Shan Eiko Yu Fermilab D. Zollman Invisible Light from the Unknowns: Physics with Photons at CDF
1/22 - Thur
4:30 p.m.
Jelena Maricic Drexel Univ. D. Zollman Small Neutrinos for Big Discoveries
1/26 - Mon 4:30 p.m. Roland Wester Univ. of Freiburg D. Zollman Controlling Quantum Dynamics with Light Fields
1/29 - Thur Matthias Kling Max Planck Institute D. Zollman Attosecond Molecular Science
2/5 - Thur Markus Guehr Stanford Univ. D. Zollman Resolving Electronic Structure Using High Harmonic Generation
2/23 Bog Stec Burnham Inst. for Medical Research R. Szoszkiewicz And God Said: Let It Be Life
3/2 Mark Semon Bates College T. Bolton Gravity Probe B and Thomas Precession
3/9 Bruce Patton Ohio State Univ. S. Rebello Experiences with a "Jackson by Inquiry" Electromagnetism Course and the Connection with Neural Networks, Recent Cognitive Neuroscience, and Modern Theories of Teaching/Learning
3/16 Spring Break
3/23 Alexander Ramm K-State Math L. Weaver Wave Scattering by Many Small Particles and Creating Materials with a Desired Refraction Coefficient
3/30 Larry Weaver K-State Physics   The 2008 Nobel Prize in Physics: Nambu and Broken Symmetry
4/6 Antonio Checco Brookhaven National Labs B. Law Wetting on the Nanscale:  How That Works?
4/13- Hemisphere Room of Hale Library Ian Shipsey Purdue Univ. T. Bolton Neff Lecture:  Bringing Hearing to the Deaf - Cochlear Implants: A Technical & Personal Account
4/28-Tues Rene Ong UCLA T. Bolton Viewing the Universe at Very High Energies
5/4 C. Bennett Johns Hopkins Univ. B. Ratra WMAP and the Standard Model of Cosmology
Alumni Center
C. Bennett Johns Hopkins Univ. D. Zollman Neff Lecture:  What's Up?  A Tour of the Universe

Colloquium Committee:  Tim Bolton (Chair), Igor Litvinyuk, Bharat Ratra, Wang He

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