Spring 2010 Colloquia

All colloquia are held at 4:30 p.m. in CW 102 unless otherwise stated.

Date Speaker Institution Host Title of Colloquium
1/18 University Holiday - Martin Luther King Day
1/25 Shouyuan Chen K-State D. Zollman Towards Attosecond Nonlinear Physics
1/28 Oleg Kornilov UC Berkeley D. Zollman Femtosecond Photoionization Dynamics of Pure 4He Droplets
2/1 Brett Barwick Cal Tech D. Zollman Imaging at the nm and fs Scales with Ultrafast Electron Microscopy (UEM)
2/8 Hans Worner NRC Ottawa D. Zollman Following Chemical Reactions Using High-Harmonic Interferometry
3/1 Herald Kruse Retired from Los Alamos National Lab D. Zollman Ernest Fox Nichols Alumni Lecture: Reines-Cowan Team Discovery of the Electron Neutrino
3/8 Daniel McIntosh Univ. of Missouri- Kansas City B. Ratra Cosmic Collisions and Galaxy Evolution
3/15 Spring Break
3/29 Gregory Rudnick Univ. of Kansas B. Ratra How Galaxies Grow: A Tale of Growth Spurts, Early Achievers, and Late Bloomers
4/5 Carlos Trallero NRC Ottawa D. Zollman Strong Field Ultrafast Spectroscopy
4/12 Danny Marfatia Univ. of Kansas T. Bolton Physics of Massive Neutrinos
4/19 Elizabeth Gire K-State S. Rebello Developing Expertise in Physics - Solving the Problem
4/26 Carl Bender Washington Univ. in St. Louis D. Zollman Making Sense of non-Hermitian Hamiltonians
4/27 at 3:00 p.m. Carl Bender Washington Univ. in St. Louis D. Zollman Peterson Lecture in Hale Library's Hemisphere Room) In the World of Complex Numbers Classical Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics are Very Much Alike!
5/3 Bernold Feuerstein Max-Planck Inst. for Nuclear Physics U. Thumm Extreme Flashlights on Atoms and Molecules

Colloquium Committee:  Tim Bolton (Chair), Bharat Ratra, Robert Szoszkiewicz, Uwe Thumm & CheChen Wang

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