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Department of Physics

Spring 2016 Colloquia

All colloquia are held at 4:30 p.m. in CW 102 unless otherwise stated.

1/25Evan FrodermannUniv. of MinnesotaA. Chakrabarti C3PO: Customizable Computer Coaches for Physics Online
2/4, ThuNatasha HolmesStanford UniversityA. Chakrabarti Re-thinking intro physics labs: Teaching and assessing critical thinking
2/8J.T. LavertyMichigan State Univ.A. Chakrabarti Preparing Higher Education for the Next Generation of Physics Students
2/15Eric KuoStanford UniversityA. Chakrabarti When Getting it Right isn't Enough: Mathematical Sensemaking in Introductory Physics
2/22Glenn Horton-SmithK-State  A. ChakrabartiNobel Prize in Physics Lecture:  Neutrinos: The Best-Understood "Ghost Particle" in Nature
3/14Spring Break   
3/21Warren ChristensenNorth Dakota State Univ.E. SayreInvestigating Mathematics in the Upper-division Physics: Examples of Linear Algebra and Non-Cartesian Coordinate Systems
3/28Tso-Yee FanMITN. DadashzadehLaser Beam Combining
3/29Alice BeanUniv. of KansasT. BoltonJefferson Science Fellow Distinguished Lecture: Engaging the Public on Climate Changes
4/4Ray FreyUniv. of OregonB. Ratra

Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Black Hole Merger

4/11Jonathan ReichertTeachSpin - Jonathan F. Reichert FoundationK. CorwinThe TeachSpin Chronicle, From Hobby to Passion
4/18Hans MoosmüllerDesert Research InstituteC. SorensenAerosol Optics, Climate Change, and Satellite Remote Sensing
4/25Lyman PagePrinceton Univ.B. DePaolaThe CMB and Neutrinos
4/26Lyman PagePrinceton Univ.B. DePaolaPeterson Lecture: Observing the Birth of the Universe, Tuesday, 4/26 in the Hemisphere Room of Hale, Library
5/2Dave SidebottomCreighton Univ.C. SorensenDynamic Scattering from Network Forming Liquids Near the Glass Transition


Colloquium Committee:  Ellie Sayre (Chair), Glenn Horton-Smith, Bharat Ratra, Gary Wysin, and Nicoleta Ploscariu

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