Fall 2007 Colloquia

All colloquia are held at 4:00 p.m. in CW 102 unless otherwise stated.

Date Speaker Institution Host Title of Colloquium
8/20 Dean Zollman KSU   Welcome Back*
8/27 Peter Shawhan University of Maryland B. Ratra LIGO Perks Up Its Ears
9/3 University Holiday - No Classes
9/24 Kristan Corwin KSU D. Zollman Fibers and Combs: The Warp and Weave of Optical Frequency Measurement
10/1 Student Holiday - No Classes
3:30 p.m.
Hale Library
Hemisphere Rm
William Spencer SEMATECH D. Zollman Nichols Lecture:Physics as a Basis for a Career: From K-State to the National Research Council
4:30 p.m.
Brett Flanders Oklahoma State Univ. A. Chakrabarti Directed Electrochemical Nanowire Assembly
10/22 Vladimir Agranovich UT-Dallas L. Weaver Negative Refraction, Polaritons, and Negative Group Velocity
4:30 p.m.
David Villeneuve National Research Council I. Litvinyuk Attosecond Imaging of Molecular Structure and Molecular Orbitals
11/19 Michael Murray Univ. of Kansas T. Bolton Quark Matter: From Colored Glass to Perfect Fluid"
11/26 Gay Stewart Univ. of Arkansas D. Zollman Redesign of AP Physics B:   The Process and Progress
12/3 Douglas McGregor KSU Nuclear Engineering T. Bolton Detector Development at the KSU SMART Laboratory
12/10 Final Examinations

*Leasure 13

Colloquium Committee:  Tim Bolton (Chair), Hongxing Jiang, Igor Litvinyuk, Bharat Ratra, Wang He

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