Spring 2013 Colloquia

All colloquia are held at 4:30 p.m. in CW 102 unless otherwise stated.

Date Speaker Institution Host Title of Colloquium
1/21 University Holiday - Martin Luther King Day
1/28 Mike Reed Missouri State Univ. G. Horton-Smith Measuring the Properties of Stars Using Asteroseismology
2/4 Sam McKagan AAPT & McKagan Enterprises E. Sayre Ten Results of PER that Every Physics Instructor Should Know
2/11 Kevin Carnes K-State A. Chakrabarti From Ion Beams to Laser Beams:  28 Years of AMO Physics at the J. R. Macdonald Lab
2/18 Chris Snow Colorado State J. Schmit Applications for Physical Models of Proteins: Folding, Structure, Prediction, and Crystallographic Structure Determination
2/25 Marcos Dantus Michigan State Univ. C. Trallero Controlling Nonlinear Optical Processes, Vibrational and Electronic Excitation, and Strong Field Chemistry
3/4 Carlos Trallero K-State A. Chakrabarti Learning about Molecules with Extreme Non-linear Optics
3/11 Tamar Seideman Northwestern Univ. C. Trallero New Directions in Strong Field Coherent Control. From spinning tops to ultrafast switches
3/18 Spring Break
3/25 Geoff Potvin Clemson Univ. S. Rebello Towards an Understanding of Graduate School Success and Its Impacts on Scientific Careers
4/1 David Weitz Harvard Univ. A. Chakrabarti Neff Lecture:  Dripping, Jetting, Drops and Wetting:  The Magic of Microfluidics (Town Hall - Leadership Studies Bulding)
4/8 Dan Akerib Case Western Reserve Univ. G. Horton-Smith Do WIMPs Rule? The LUX Experiment and the Search for Cosmic Dark Matter
4/15 Lindley Winslow UCLA G. Horton-Smith ReVolution: Exciting Times in Neutrino Physics
4/22 Joan-Emma Shea UCSB J. Schmit Effect of Surfaces on Protein Folding and Assembly
4/29 Alan Guth MIT A. Chakrabarti Inflationary Cosmology, the Origin of Density Perturbations, and the Door to the Multiverse
4/30 Alan Guth MIT A. Chakrabarti Peterson Lecture:  Inflationary Cosmology: Is Our Universe Part of a Multiverse?" (Town Hall - Leadership Studies Bulding)
5/6 Robert Levis Temple Univ. C. Trallero Is there Chemistry at 1013 W cm-2?


Colloquium Committee:  Glenn Horton-Smith (Chair), Bharat Ratra, Jeremy Schmit, Carlos Trallero, Dean Zollman & Ying Chen


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