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Department of Physics

Fall 2016 Colloquia

All colloquia are held at 4:30 p.m. in CW 102 unless otherwise stated.

8/22Artem RudenkoK-State PhysicsB. DePaola Ultrafast and intense light-matter interactions: From 8 microns to 8 kiloelectronvolt
8/29Brett DePaolaK-State Physics Welcome Back
9/5University Holiday - Labor Day
9/19Christoph Bostedt Argonne National Laboratory / Northwestern UniversityA. RudenkoResearch with free-electron lasers: new horizons for ultrafast x-ray sciences
9/26Glenn Horton SmithK-State Physics B. DePaola

Towards the Biggest, Most Intense Neutrino Experiments Ever

10/3Kim CobleSan Francisco State Univ.E. SayreUsing Results From Research on Undergraduate Learning in Cosmology to Build and Test an Interactive Student-Centered Curriculum
10/10Heather BloemhardAmerican Astronomical SocietyB. DePaola Science Policy for Scientists
10/17Anil Pahwa K-State Electrical & Computer EngineeringB. DePaola Challenges of Meeting Electricity Needs of the Growing World Population with Renewable Energy
10/24Yun LiuUniv. of DelawareJ. Schmit

Understanding concentrated protein solutions: opportunities and challenges for modern colloid science

11/7Patrick CharbonneauDuke Univ. J. SchmitA Soft-matter Perspective on Protein Crystallization 
11/14Jonathan PelzOhio State Univ.E. Sayre MS-to-PhD Physics Bridge Programs – Our Experience at Ohio State University
11/21Thanksgiving Break   
11/28Daniel FischerMissouri Univ. of Science & Technology A. RudenkoControl and Analysis of Atomic Few-Body Systems

Colloquium Committee:  Ellie Sayre (Chair), Andrew Ivanov, Bharat Ratra, Gary Wysin, and Javad-Seyyed Robatjazi

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