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Department of Physics

Fall 2013 Colloquia

All colloquia are held at 4:30 p.m. in CW 102 unless otherwise stated.

8/26Amit ChakrabartiK-State Welcome Back
9/2University Holiday - Labor Day
9/9Daniel GauthierDuke Univ.K. CorwinSuperradiance and Pattern Formation in Laser-driven Cold Atoms


Margaret Wertheim Physics, Art & Beach Museum of ArtGeneral Public Lecture:  Making Space, Thursday, 9/12, at 7:00 p.m. in 109 Justin Hall
9/16Vinod KumarrapanK-StateA. ChakrabartiAlignment and Orientation of Molecules with Lasers: A Quest for the Molecular Frame
9/17Robert SzoszkiewiczK-StateA. ChakrabartiBiological and Soft-Matter Physics in the Szosz-lab, KSU
9/23David WittmanUC-DavisG. Horton-SmithLarge Dark-Matter Colliders
9/30Scott FranklinRIT E. SayreWhy We Derive:  Meaning Behind Mathematical Moves
10/7Krzysztof GorskiJPLG. Horton-SmithUniverse According to Planck
10/14Michele MunsonAsperaA. ChakrabartiNichols Lecture:  I was You (Hale Library - Hemisphere Room at 4:30 p.m.)
10/21Mark BrodwinUMKCG. Horton-SmithThe Euclid Mission
10/29Phil UgorowskiK-StateC. Sorensen

Recent Progress in Freeing Helium-3 for Physics Research

11/4John BelcherMITS. RebelloInteractive Learning and MOOCs in MIT Physics
11/11Anh Thu LeK-StateA. ChakrabartiImaging Molecular Structure with Ultrafast Intense Laser Pulses
11/18Cheng ChinUniv. of Chicago C.D. Lin From Cosmology to Cold Atoms: Observation of Sakharov Acoustic Oscillations in Quenched Atomic Superfluids
11/25Thanksgiving Break 
12/2Keti KaadzeFermliabA. ChakrabartiHiggs Discovery and Beyond
12/9Ruth Douglas MillerK-StateG. Horton-SmithWind Power Changes and Challenges
Colloquium Committee

Glenn Horton-Smith (Chair), Bharat Ratra,  Ellie Sayre, Robert Szoszkiewicz

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