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Department of Physics

Spring 2017 Colloquia

All colloquia are held at 4:30 p.m. in CW 102 unless otherwise stated.

1/23Rosemary RussUniv. of Wisconsin-MadisonJ.T. Laverty 
1/30Loren GreenmanUniv. of California-BerkeleyB. DePaolaElectronic dynamics in polyatomic molecules for bound and continuum states
2/2Stefan PabstHarvard-Smithsonian Center for AstrophysicsB. DePaola

Multi-orbital dynamics on the attosecond timescale

2/6Alicia AllbaughJPL B. DePaola

Mars Science Laboratory: Using Physics to study Geology

Tues, 2/7Alicia AllbaughJPL B. DePaolaNichols Lecture:  Curiously Roving on Mars: Overview of the Mars Science Laboratory Project (Cardwell 101)  
2/9Antonio PicónArgonne National LabB. DePaolaTheoretical approaches for ultrafast inner-shell and strong-field physics
2/13Nicolas Douguet Drake Univ.B. DePaolaLight-induced coherent control and ultra-fast dynamics
2/16A.-T. LeK-StateB. DePaolaRescattering physics and ultrafast molecular imaging
2/27Greg LandsbergBrown Univ/FermiY. MaravinSearches for Dark Matter in CMS
3/6Gordon VideenUS Army Research LabM. BergLight Scattering and Remote Sensing of Small Particles 
3/13Gary WysinK-State B. DePaola An Overview of the 2016 Nobel Prize:  Topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter
3/20Spring Break   
3/27Romain CeolatoONERA/The French Aerospace Lab M. Berg Spectral Polarimetric Light-Scattering by Complex Media: From Aerosols to Biomedical Tissues
4/3Kate KirbyAmerican Physical SocietyB. DePaola

APS and K-State: Addressing Diversity Challenges (in Physics)


Manher Jariwala

Boston Univ. E. Sayre The Learning Assistant Model as a Catalyst for Institutional Change and Instructional Improvement 
Tues, 4/11 at 3:00 p.m. 

Fred Espenak

Goddard Space Flight Center and Mr. EclipseB. DePaolaPhotographing the Total Eclipse Workshop (Cardwell 101)
Tues, 4/11

Fred Espenak

Goddard Space Flight Center and Mr. EclipseB. DePaolaNeff Lecture: The Great American Total Eclipse of 2017 (Cardwell 101)
4/17John PreskillCalTech B. DePaola
Tues, 4/18John PreskillCalTech B. DePaolaPeterson LectureQuantum Computing and the Entanglement Frontier (Cardwell 101)
4/24Jens BiegertInst. of Photonic SciencesA. Summers

Imaging with a Single Electron and Attosecond Soft-X-rays

5/1Nikhil Padmanabhan Yale Univ.L. SamushiaMapping Dark Energy to 1% (and better)
Tues, 5/2Scholarship Presentation & SPS InductionK-StateB. DePaola 

Colloquium Committee:  Ellie Sayre (Chair), Andrew Ivanov, Bharat Ratra, Gary Wysin, and Javad-Seyyed Robatjazi

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