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Department of Physics

Spring 2015 Colloquia

All colloquia are held at 4:30 p.m. in CW 102 unless otherwise stated.

1/26Uwe BergmannStanfordU. ThummGoing ultra-short and ultra-bright - The science and applications of the world's first X-ray free electron laser
2/2Chris PollyFermilabT. BoltonMuon g-2 and the quest for TeV scale physics 
2/9Artem RudenkoK-StateA. ChakrabartiImaging dynamics of small quantum systems with light
2/16Punit PrakashK-StateJ. SchmitTechnologies for conformal image-guided thermal therapy of cancer: challenges and opportunities 
2/23Hongxing JiangTexas TechA. ChakrabartiSpecial Public Lecture on the Nobel Prize in Physics: History and development of efficient blue LEDs for lighting
3/2Herman BatelaanUniv. of Nebraska-LincolnU. ThummControlled double slit electron diffraction 
3/9Daniel SternJPLA. ChakrabartiNeff Lecture (Town Hall, Leadership Studies): Highlights from the NuSTAR Satellite
3/10Daniel SternJPLG. Horton-SmithSurprising New Insights into Quasars from the WISE Satellite
3/16Spring Break   
3/23Michael WittmanUniv. of MaineE. SayreInvestigating Teacher Knowledge of Energy, Students' Ideas, and Pedagogical Strategies 


Martin MuscholUniv. of South FloridaJ. SchmitWhat Can Soft Condensed Matter Physics Tell Us about Alzheimer's Disease? 
4/6Arvinder SandhuUniv. of ArizonaV. KumarappanAttosecond spectroscopy to study electron dynamics in complex systems
4/13Regina Demina Univ. of RochesterT. BoltonDoes Nature respect (gauge) symmetry?  (Higgs boson discovery and beyond)
4/20Risa WechslerStanford Univ.G. Horton-Smith The Dark Universe from Cosmological Surveys
4/27Michael BrooksAuthor, Columnist, New Statesman, Consultant, New ScientistA. ChakrabartiPeterson Lecture (Hemisphere Room, Hale Library) Welcome to Wonderland: Making sense of life in a quantum universe


Mary RezacK-State Chem EngineeringE. SayreSolute transport through polymers:
Manipulating structure-property-performance relationships for desired results 


Mark BolandUniv. of MelbourneA. Chakrabarti

Special Oz-to-Oz Colloquium in CW 144/145

Blinded by the Light: Science and Art at the Australian Synchrotron

Colloquium Committee

Ellie Sayre (Chair), Glenn Horton-Smith, Bharat Ratra, Uwe Thumm, Gary Wysin and Nicoleta Ploscariu

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