Spring 2012 Colloquia

All colloquia are held at 4:30 p.m. in CW 102 unless otherwise stated.

Date Speaker Institution Host Title of Colloquium
1/16 University Holiday - Martin Luther King Day
1/23 Erik Power Univ. of Michigan A. Chakrabarti Wavelength-scaled High Harmonics for Probing Dynamics on a sub-Atomic Time Scale
2/1 Tom Allison JILA/CU-Boulder A. Chakrabarti High Brightness Extreme Ultraviolet Frequency Combs via Intracavity High-Order Harmonic Generation
2/6 Anthony DiChiara Ohio State A. Chakrabarti Strong-field Physics with Mid-infrared Lasers
2/20 Yunpei Deng Max Planck Inst. of Quantum Optics A. Chakrabrati Advancing Ultrashort Laser Pulse Technology: Controlling Ultrafast Electron Motion
2/27 Eric Zimmerman CU-Boulder T. Bolton Neutrino Physics with the T2K Experiment in Japan
3/1 Artem Rudenko Center for Free-Electron Laser Science A. Chakrabarti Tracing Ultrafast Light-induced Dynamics: From Strong-field Physics to Femtochemistry
3/5 Andrew Ivanov K-State Physics   Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe at the Hadron Colliders
3/12 Vinothan Manoharan Harvard J. Schmit Self-assembly in Simple Colloidal Systems
3/19 Spring Break
11:30 AM in CW 119
Steven Hawley, Physicist (and Astronaut) Univ. of Kansas C.D. Lin Abundances in 'Green Pea' Star-forming Galaxies
Leadership Studies Bldg, Town Hall
Steven Hawley, Physicist (and Astronaut) Univ. of Kansas C.D. Lin Neff Lecture:  Wings in Orbit
4/2 Aniket Bhattacharya Univ. of Central Florida B. Law How does a DNA Translocate through a Nanopore?
4/9 Nicholas Suntzeff Texas A&M B. DePaola The Enveloping Darkness: The Nobel Prize in Physics 2011
4/23 Kenneth Ritchie Purdue R. Szoszkiewicz Insights into the Dynamic Organization of Cellular Membranes
4/30 Boris Kayser Fermilab A. Chakrabarti Are We Descended From Heavy Neutrinos?
3:30 p.m.
Leadership Studies Bldg, Town Hall
Boris Kayser Fermilab A. Chakrabarti Peterson Lecture:  Neutrinos Get Under Your Skin


Colloquium Committee:  Chii-Dong Lin (Chair), Bharat Ratra, Jeremy Schmit, Carlos Trallero, Dean Zollman & Ying Chen


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