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Department of Physics

Spring 2014 Colloquia

All colloquia are held at 4:30 p.m. in CW 102 unless otherwise stated.

1/21, Tues.Jun YeUC-BoulderAmit ChakrabartiMaking a Clock
1/22, Wed.Eleanor SayreK-StateAmit ChakrabartiStudents Develop Identity as Physicists
1/27, Mon.Jeremy SchmitK-StateAmit Chakrabarti Many-body Protein Systems: Challenges of Timescale and Resolution
2/24, Mon.Joe RedishUniv. of MarylandDean Zollman Reinventing Introductory Physics for Life Scientists (IPLS)
3/3, Mon.Yurii MaravinK-StateAmit Chakrabarti Special Lecture: Discovering the Higgs Boson (Leadership Studies, Town Hall)
3/10, Mon.Steven CundiffJILA/Univ. of ColoradoCarlos TralleroOptical Multi-Dimensional Coherent Spectoscopy
3/17, Mon.Spring Break   
3/24, Mon.Angelo BongiornoGeorgia TechRobert SzoszkiewiczPhysical Chemistry of Functionalized Epitaxial Graphene

4/1, Tues.

Adrian MelottUniv. of Kansas Amit ChakrabartiPeterson Lecture: Death from the Skies: Astrophysical Threats to Life on Earth (Town Hall, Leadership Studies)
4/7, Mon.Adams MyersUniv. of WyomingGlenn Horton-SmithProspects for Probing Primordial Physics with Quasars
4/14, Mon.Martin StockliOak Ridge National LabKevin CarnesBoosting Neutron-based Research by Ramping the SNS Accelerator to 1 MW 
4/21, Mon.See Leang ChinUniv. Laval CanadaC.D. Lin When a Dot of Intense Laser Light Pierces through Air.... 
4/28, Mon.Edward FarhiMITAmit Chakrabarti Physics Based Approaches to Quantum Computing

4/29, Tues.

Edward FarhiMITAmit ChakrabartiNeff Lecture: Quantum Computing (Leadership Studies, Town Hall)
Colloquium Committee

Glenn Horton-Smith (Chair), Bharat Ratra,  Ellie Sayre, Robert Szoszkiewicz 

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