Fall 2012 Colloquia

All colloquia are held at 4:30 p.m. in CW 102 unless otherwise stated.


Date Speaker Institution Host Title of Colloquium
8/27 Amit Chakrabarti K-State Physics   Welcome
9/3 University Holiday - Labor Day
Tues, 9/11 Sanjay Rebello K-State A. Chakrabarti Research on Transfer of Learning and Implications for Instruction
9/17 Nicholas Suntzeff Texas A&M   B. DePaola Supernova Cosmology and the Accelerating Universe - from an Astronomer's Point of View
9/24 Paul Adams & Jack Maseberg Fort Hays State Univ. S. Rebello Kansas From 88,000 Feet: FHSU's High-Altitude Balloon Launch
Tues,10/2 Michael Murray Univ. of Kansas G. Horton-Smith Searching for New States of Matter with the CMS Experiment
10/8 Peter Vekilov Univ. of Houston J. Schmit The Two-step Mechanism and the Solution-crystal Spinodal for Nucleation of Crystals in Solution
10/15 Bob Woodruff Lockheed Martin & Univ. of Colorado A. Chakrabarti Nichols Lecture:  An Inquiring Mind in Search of Phun from Fysics (Town Hall-Leadership Studies Building)
10/22 Chris Jacobsen Argonne Nat'l Lab/ Northwestern Univ. C. Trallero Oscillators, X-rays, and Global Carbon: Adventures in X-ray Nanofocusing
10/29 Amy Betz K-State Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Amit Chakrabarti Enhancing Transport Phenomena in Microgeomtries
11/5 Greg Snow Univ. of Nebraska G. Horton-Smith Recent Results from the Pierre Auger Observatory
11/12 Alexei Sokolov Texas A&M C. Trallero Femtosecond Laser Pulses Interacting with Molecules: Physics and Applications
11/19 University Holiday - Thanksgiving Break
11/26 Brian Thomas Washburn G. Horton Smith Astrophysics and Life on Earth
12/3 Eric Brewe Florida International University E. Sayre Modeling Physics Education Transformation as an Educational Ecosystem

Colloquium Committee:  Glenn Horton-Smith (Chair), Bharat Ratra, Jeremy Schmit, Carlos Trallero, Dean Zollman & Ying Chen


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