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Department of Physics

Dr. A.-T. Le

Kansas State University

A.-T. Le

Rescattering physics and ultrafast molecular imaging

102 Cardwell Hall
February 16, 2017
4:30 p.m.

Rescattering is at the heart of important nonlinear processes in intense laser-matter interaction such as high harmonic generation (HHG) and laser-induced electron diffraction. However, it is difficult to interpret experimental measurements and even more challenging to decode the imprints of the target structure from the data. Recently we developed the quantitative rescattering theory (QRS) that establishes direct links to the well-studied traditional scattering processes, thereby providing a simple and accurate solution to this problem. In this talk, I will discuss our contributions to accurate decoding of signals from different experiments by using the QRS and the reconstruction of the molecular structure for targets that undergo ultrafast transformations. Furthermore, I will also discuss our success in molecular imaging with ultrafast soft X-ray pulses from HHG or free-electron laser sources. As laser technology continues to progress, I will discuss the challenges and our future directions with the goal to provide different theoretical tools for practical realization of molecular "movies" with atomic resolution in space-time that can deliver new insights into fundamental chemical reactions. To make further breakthroughs and to maintain JRML status as one of the leading centers for AMO physics, continuing strong theory-experiment collaboration is essential.