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Department of Physics

James R. Neff Lecture Series

This lectureship "shall perpetuate and honor Everett and Florine Neff, parents of James R. Neff, and Janice K. Neff Standish (sister). It is further intended to represent Dr. Neff's gratitude for the opportunities and education that he received at Kansas State University and to verbally acknowledge Florine and Everett Neff as benefactors of the institution of higher learning."  This lectureship is now funded by an endowment established with a bequest from Dr. Neff.

Talk titles and abstracts can be found in the links below. Please visit the department YouTube Channel for recordings of past lectures if available.

James R. Neff Lectureship


Frederick Lamb, 2022 Spring Fall Lecturer

Anders Carlsson, 2021 Fall Neff Lecturer

Daniel Kennefick, 2019 Fall Neff Lecturer

Gabriela González, 2018 Fall Neff Lecturer

Sylvester James (Jim) Gates, Jr., 2018 Fall Neff Lecturer

Michael Ranney, 2017 Fall Neff Lecturer

Fred Espenak, 2017 Spring Neff Lecturer

Adam Riess, 2015 Fall Neff Lecturer

Daniel Stern, 2015 Spring Neff Lecturer

Kay Meggers, 2014 Fall Neff Lecturer

Edward Farhi, 2014 Spring Neff Lecturer

David A. Weitz, 2013 Neff Lecturer

Steven A. Hawley, 2012 Neff Lecturer

Charles L. Bennett, 2009 Neff Lecturer

Ian Shipsey, 2009 Neff Lecturer

Phillip Bucksbaum, 2008 Neff Lecturer

Robert H. Austin, 2007 Neff Lecturer