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Department of Physics

Fall 2018 Colloquia

All colloquia are held at 4:15 p.m. in CW 102 unless otherwise stated.

Coffee & Cookies will be held at 5:15 p.m. in CW 119.

8/20First Day of Classes
8/27Brett DePaolaK-State  Welcome Back
9/3University Holiday - Labor Day
9/4Brian WashburnK-StateB. DePaolaFiber Laser Sources for Mid-Infrared
Gas-Phase Spectroscopy
9/10S. James Gates Jr.Brown Univ.B. DePaolaTwo 1,358,954,496 Pixel Set Going Among SUSY differential equations to Graphs, Codes, and Permutations 
9/11, TuesS. James Gates Jr.Brown Univ.B. DePaolaNeff Lecture: What Abdus Salam Taught Me About Jazz  (Umberger 105)
9/17Mark AlfordWashington Univ.B. Ratra Quark Matter: The High-Density Frontier
9/25, TuesLado SamushiaK-StateB. DePaolaPrecision Cosmology with Galaxy Surveys
10/1Salman HabibArgonne Lab/Kavli Institute at Univ. of ChicagoL. Samushia Precision Cosmology with Synthetic Universes and Machine Learning
10/8Christophe Royon Univ. of Kansas T. Bolton A Journey to Understand the Proton at the Large Hadron Collider
10/15Gabriela González Louisiana State Univ. B. DePaolaGravitational Waves Astronomy
10/16, TuesGabriela González Louisiana State Univ. B. DePaolaNeff Lecture: Einstein, Gravitational Waves, Black Holes & Other Matters (Umberger 105)
10/22Leslie Atkins ElliottBoise State Univ.E. Sayre Teaching for Transfer
10/29Jo DunkleyPrinceton Univ. B. DePaolaNeutrino physics from cosmological surveys
10/30, TuesJo DunkleyPrinceton Univ. B. DePaolaPeterson Lecture: Our Window on the Universe (Umberger 105)
11/5Christine A. Orme Lawrence Livermore National LabB. Flanders

Watching Materials Assemble


Andrei GritsanJohns Hopkins Univ.Y. Maravin Understanding Emptiness: The Higgs Field and Beyond
11/19Thanksgiving Break   
12/3Benjamin ZwicklRIT J.T. LavertyPhysics education for career preparation: Lessons from optics and photonics

Colloquium Committee:  Ellie Sayre (Chair), Andrew Ivanov, Chii-Dong Lin, Bharat Ratra, Gary Wysin, and Javad-Seyyed Robatjazi

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