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Department of Physics

Spring 2018 Colloquia

All colloquia are held at 4:15 p.m. in CW 102 unless otherwise stated.

1/25, Thurs.Ming-Fu LinLCLS/SLAC National LabDePaola 
1/29Nora KlingUniv. of Connecticut DePaola Ultrafast Nuclear Motion: Resolving hydrogen migration(s) in time 
2/1, Thurs.Cosmin BlagaOhio State Univ. DePaola Ultrafast strong-field science at infrared wavelengths
2/5Matthias KübelLudwig Maximilians Univ. & NRCDePaola Streak Camera for Strong-Field Ionization
2/8, Thurs.Niranjan ShivaramLawrence Berkeley National Lab DePaola Ultrafast Transient Polarization Spectroscopy in Molecules: Adapting an Old Method for a New Regime
2/19David WeinbergOhio State Univ. Samushia Why is the Universe Accelerating?
2/26Greg RudnickUniv. of Kansas Ratra The life cycle of galaxies in clusters over 10 billion years
3/5Barbara Anthony-Twarog and Kristin RennellsUniv. of KansasDePaola
3/12François LégaréInstitut National de la Recherche ScientifiqueSummersFrequency domain Nonlinear Optics & Applications
3/19Spring Break   
3/26Mary Hall RenoUniv. of IowaBoltonAtmospheric neutrinos: connections between laboratory experiments and cosmic rays
4/2Norbert Scherer Univ. of ChicagoFlanders Reactive Optical Matter: non-reciprocal force-powered nano-swimmers and negative optical torque

Yuri Gershtein

RutgersMaravinThe puzzling Higgs boson
4/16Jo DunkleyPrinceton Univ.RatraPOSTPONED TO OCTOBER 29
4/17, Tues.Jo DunkleyPrinceton Univ.DePaolaPOSTPONED TO OCTOBER 30
4/23Katie HinkoMichigan State Univ.Laverty

Characterizing the Impact on Participants in Informal Physics Learning Environments

4/30Hans Moosmüller Desert Research InstituteSorensen Aerosol Optics, Radiative Forcing, and Climate Change 

Colloquium Committee:  Chii-Dong Lin, (Chair), Andrew Ivanov, Bharat Ratra, Ellie Sayre, Gary Wysin, and Javad-Seyyed Robatjazi

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