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Department of Physics

Dr. H. Batelaan
University of Nebraska-Lincoln  
H. Batelaan
 Controlled double slit electron diffraction
102 Cardwell Hall
March 2, 2015
4:30 p.m.

Quantum interference explains the stability of matter, guided the construction of the laser, and led to many applications. So what is this quantum interference about? Feynman considered the double-slit experiments for electrons to contain "the only mystery", insofar as it concerns quantum interference [1]. To get as close to Feynman's description of double-slit diffraction we closed the individual slits on demand (see figure). Following Tonomura's famous interference build-up movie for a biprism wire [2], we also recorded a movie of the build-up of the diffraction pattern one particle at a time for the double slit [3]. In recent work done in Paris, macroscopic particle-wave duality with bouncing oil droplets was demonstrated for a double slit [4]. This was supposed not to be possible. What does that mean for microscopic or quantum-mechanical particle-wave duality for electrons? This means a lot to an international group of physicists labeled to be a "band of rebels" according to Morgan Freeman's show "Through the Wormhole" [5]. However this appears not to be the message presented in the past three years to many high school students through our educational movie "The Challenge of Quantum Reality" [6]. In the presentation this issue will be discussed.

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