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Department of Physics

Dr. Arvinder Sandhu
Department of Physics and College of Optical Sciences
University of Arizona  
Arvinder Sandhu
 Attosecond spectroscopy to study electron dynamics in complex systems
102 Cardwell Hall
April 6, 2015
4:30 p.m.

The attosecond spectroscopy provides unprecedented temporal resolution for the direct measurement and control of electronic processes. Pioneering studies have obtained unique physical insights by taking snapshots of atomic and molecular phenomena on the natural timescale of electrons. Ongoing efforts aim to expand the scope of attosecond XUV research for exploration of complex dynamics in molecules and materials. My lab investigates the intricate electron dynamics stemming from coupled nuclear motion, electronic correlations, external fields, or a combination thereof. I will present our latest results on the coherent evolution of electron hole near a conical intersection of a polyatomic molecule. Such conical intersections induce nuclear-motion-mediated electron dynamics and serve as nature's energy funnels in many biochemical processes (e.g. DNA repair, light harvesting etc.). In a similar context, we have investigated electron-phonon coupling and electronic correlations in carbon nanomaterials. I will show that apart from the sensitive measurements of electronic couplings, we can also monitor the evolution of quantum coherence in charge transfer processes. Finally, I will discuss our ongoing work on the generation of 'isolated' attosecond pulses and their application in study of correlation-driven charge migration in molecules and interfaces. Such interdisciplinary efforts will open the attosecond field for a broad set of applications in physics, chemistry and material sciences.