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Department of Physics

Fall 2014 Colloquia

All colloquia are held at 4:30 p.m. in CW 102 unless otherwise stated.

8/25Amit ChakrabartiK-State Welcome Back
9/1University Holiday - Labor Day
9/8Tim Bolton K-State A. ChakrabartiHow We the People Support Physics Research, and How We More-Or-Less Get it Right


Jo ClayWashington State Univ.A. ChakrabartiStudent Learning in Inquiry-based STEM Classrooms


Andrew IvanovK-StateA. ChakrabartiPhysics beyond Higgs: Search for Extra Vector-Like Matter at the Large Hadron Collide 
9/25Kay MeggersAlcoaA. ChakrabartiNeff Lecture (Leadership Studies, McVay Family Town Hall): Driving Profitable Growth with Aluminum Flat Rolled Products
9/29Jim ChelikowskyUniv. of TexasA. ChakrabartiNichols Lecture (Hale Hemisphere Room): Addressing Dirac's Challenge: Practical Quantum Mechanics to Predict the Properties of Materials
10/6Alice QuillenUniv. of RochesterG. Horton-SmithThe Formation and Evolution of Exotic Multiple Planet Systems
10/13Hui Zhao  Univ. of KansasC. TralleroNonlinear Optical Studies of Electronic Transport in Semiconductors 
10/20Irina NovikovaThe College of William & MaryB. DePaolaCool Quantum Optics with Hot Rb Atoms 
10/27Randy KnizeUS Air Force AcademyB. DePaolaAlkali Lasers
11/3Jackie Fassler-Kerstetter and Tod KerstetterK-State MusicE. SayreRicola! The Swiss Alphorn, the Overtone Series, and a Brief History of Wind Instrument Design
11/10Alex LevineUCLA ChemistryJ. SchmitSemiflexible Networks with Transient Cross Linkers: Bundling, Rheology, Ripping, and Healing 
11/17David HammerTufts Univ.E. SayreTeaching Physics as a Pursuit 
11/24Thanksgiving Break 
12/1Charles RiceK-State AgronomyG. Horton-SmithClimate Change Science, Adaptation, and Mitigation: The latest from the IPCC 2014 Report
12/8Linyou CaoNorth Carolina State Univ.R. Szoszkiewicz and E. Sayre2D Materials and Heterostructures: From Scalable Synthesis to A New Age of Atomic-scale Catalysis and Photonics
Colloquium Committee

Ellie Sayre (Chair), Glenn Horton-Smith, Bharat Ratra, Gary Wysin, and Nicoleta Ploscariu

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