PHYS 709  Applied Quantum Mechanics
Fall 2004

PDF of Syllabus: pdf

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Are you ready yet?
    Take a look at our departmental exam in quantum mechanics.  It is what our department expects someone with a B.S. in physics to know.  In other words, what you should know at the end of this course!  We won't be able to cover all of the material on that exam, but at the end of this course you should be well enough prepared to be able to pick up the extra topics on your own.

Guidelines for homework:

bulletDiscuss your homework with classmates as much as you like, but write your homework solutions on your own!  There will be a severe grade penalty for copying.
bulletAs a scientist in training, you need to learn to communicate scientific information in an effective, efficient manner.  You should consider homework assignments as practice in this art.  It is your responsibility to present your homework solutions in a readable, logical manner --- not mine to decipher and interpret them.  There will be a grade penalty.
bulletIn an incorrect solution, I will reward statements in homework and on exams that show you know it is incorrect and why.  I will also reward any effort above and beyond what is explicitly asked for in a problem.

    HW 1 (each will open in a new window): Page1.pdf, Page2.pdf, Page3.pdf
    HW 2 (will open in a new window): Homework2.pdf
    HW 5, #2 solution (will open in a new window): DeltaNotes.pdf


Statistics on the Midterm results,

Homework assignments:
    Due Aug. 26:  HW 1
    Due Sept. 2:  HW 2
    Due Sept. 9:  HW 3
    Due Sept. 16:  HW 4
    Due Sept. 23:  HW 5
    Due Sept. 30:  HW 6
    Due Oct. 7:  HW 7
    Due Oct. 14:  HW 8
    Due Oct. 28:  HW 9
    Due Nov. 4:  HW 10
    Due Nov. 11:  HW 11
    Due Nov. 17:  HW 12
    Due Dec. 2:  HW 13
    Due Dec. 9:  HW 14