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Colloquium Schedule for Spring 2004 4:30pm CW 102
Refreshments served around 4:15 in CW 119
Date   Speaker Title of Colloquium Institution Host
Jan 29 Thurs Mary Bishai Mystery Solved? The Story of Why There Are So Many Beauty Quarks Produced in Hadron Colliders Fermi National Lab T. Bolton
Feb 2 Mon Kenneth Bloom Truth or Consequences: The Emerging Science of the Top Quark Univ. of Michigan T. Bolton 
Feb 5 Thurs Glenn  Horton-Smith Neutrino Physics and KamLAND: Results, Status, and Future Cal Tech T. Bolton
Feb 9 Mon Daniel  Cronin-Hennessy Inclusive B Physics: Spectra, Moments and CKM Matrix Elements Cornell Univ. T. Bolton
Feb 12 Thur David Urner Probing QCD with CLEO Data Cornell Univ. T. Bolton
Feb 17 Tues Gerhard Paulus Single-cycle Quantum Optics Texas A&M L. Cocke
Feb 23 Mon Robert Kehoe Studying Truth: Measuring the Top Quark at the Energy Frontier Fermi National Lab T. Bolton
Feb 26 Thurs Ale Lukaszew Issues in Nano-Magnetism Univ. of Toledo M. O'Shea
Mar 9 Tues Jan Sengers Thermal Nonequilibrium Fluctuations in Fluids Univ. of Maryland C. Sorensen
Mar 16 Tues Bruce Bunker Monolayers for Integrated Microfluidic Systems Sandia National Lab B. Law
Mar 23 Tues   Spring Break    
Mar 30 Tues Sanjay Rebello Mid Tenure Review:  Transfer of Learning & Application-based Curriculum Development Kansas State University  
Apr 13 Tues  Ralph Skomski Nanomagnetism Univ. of Nebraska M. O'Shea
Apr 20 Tues Dave Pritchard The Promise and Reality of Web-based Tutoring MIT S. Rebello
Apr 27 Tues Naomi Halas Nanoshells: Tunable Plasmonic Nanostructures by Rational Rational Design* Rice Univ. WESP & Jingyu Lin
May 6 Thurs John Mintmire Computational Tools for Nanostructure Simulations Oklahoma State University T. Rahman
May 11 Tues John Doyle Trapped Atoms and Molecules Without Laser Cooling Harvard Univ. B. Esry

Committee membersJingyu Lin (Chair), Zenghu Chang, Chii-Dong Lin, Eckhard Von Toerne, Shama Jabeen

*3:30 p.m. in the Hemisphere Room of Hale Library

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