Colloquium Schedule for Fall 00 4:30pm CW 102
Refreshments served around 4:15 in CW 119
Date Speaker Title of Colloquium Institution Host
Aug 29 Sergei Nagaitsev Physics of Electron Cooling Fermilab Demina 
Sep 5 M.  Dobrowolska-Furdyna Wide gap semiconductor quantum dots--fabrication, 
                   carrier localization and optics
Notre Dame Jiang/Lin
Sep 12  Jeffrey Peterson The Flat Universe CMU  Ratra 
Sep 19 Ken Shih Quantum Engineering of Metallic Thin Films Texas  Jiang/Lin 
Sep 26 Michael Turner The Dark Side of the Universe U of Chicago Ratra
Sep 28 Gary Wysin Spin Waves and Nonlinearity in Magnets KSU  
Oct 3 Robert Jones Using Short Electromagnetic Pulses to Manipulate 
                    Electronic Wavefunctions
Virgina DePaola
Oct 10 Stephen Reucroft What is Mass? Northeastern Demina
Oct 12 Bharat Ratra Is The Universe Flat or Open? KSU  
Oct 17 Robert Beichner SCALE-UP: Student Centered Activities for Large Enrollment
                    University Physics
N Carolina St Zollman 
Oct 24 Stephen McGuire LIGO, Material Science, and Education SUBR DePaola
Oct 26 Uwe Thumm How to Deal with Nanostructures in Femtoseconds KSU  
Oct 31 Suzanne Franks Women and Minorities in Engineering and Science  KSU   
Nov 9  Timothy Gay Physics of Football         CW 103 or 101 Nebraska DePaola 
Nov 14 Megan Donahue Distant Cluster Hunting: The Past and the Promise STSCI R. Adrian
Nov 21 Robert Weinstock Inverse-square Orbits, Uniform Circular Motion, and Newton's Principia EXPOSED Oberlin College Math/Phys
Special Talks
Sep 26 Michael Turner
1:00 PM Forum Hall, Union
What We Know About How the Universe 
                   Began and How We Know It

Committee members:  DePaola, J. Lin, Ratra, and Sidwell

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