Colloquium Schedule for Fall 01
4:30pm CW 102
Refreshments served around 4:15 in CW 119
Date   Speaker Title of Colloquium Institution Host
Aug 21 Tues Dean Zollman Welcome!    
Aug 23 Thurs Klaus Bohnen The New Superconductor MGB2: An Unconventional One? Forschungszentrum, Karlsruhe Rahman
Aug 28 Tues   Faculty Meeting     
Sep 4 Tues   Cancelled   Rahman
Sep 11  Tues Uwe Thumm TBA  KSU   
Sep 18 Tues Karen Cummings Cancelled RPI Zollman
Sep 25 Tues Bruce Margon The Universe in 10 Terabytes: Results from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Space Telescope Science Institute Ratra
Oct 2 Tues Michael Barnett Explaining Great Puzzles of Particle Physics LBL HEP 
Oct 9 Tues Gerard Mourou High Intensity Lasers  Michigan  Chang 
Oct 16 Tues Jingyu Lin III-Nitride Research at KSU - Physics: Growth, Fundamental Properties, and Applications KSU   
Oct 23 Tues Alex V. Hamza Nanostructures formed via ntense, ultrafast
electronic excitation using highly charged ions
Lawrence Livermore National Lab  Thumm 
Oct 30 Tues George Simonis EO and Photonics  Army Research Lab  J Lin/ Jiang 
Nov 6 Tues Dan Green The CMS Experiment Fermilab HEP
Nov 13 Tues Trevor Weekes Cosmic Cannons: TeV Gamma Rays from Active Galactic Nuclei Smithsonian HEP
Nov 20 Tues  Klaus Bartschat Electron Collisions with Atoms and Ions: Recent Developments in Theory, Experiment, and Computer Simulations  Drake University  Thumm
Nov 27 Tues Roger Falcone  Time-Resolved X-ray Scattering from Excited Materials UC Berkeley Chang 
Dec 4 Tues  Dick Bond TBA CITA Ratra 

Committee members:  Sidwell, J. Lin, and DePaola

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