Spring 2005 Colloquia


Date   Speaker Institution Host Title of Colloquium
Jan 25 Bob Svoboda Louisiana State Univ. G. Horton-Smith The Double-Chooz Reactor Neutrino Experiment
Feb 1 Louis Crane KSU Math L. Weaver Approaching Quantum Gravity from Quantum Mechanics
Feb 21 - Mon. Drew Alton Univ. of Michigan HEP Tales from the Tevatron: The Energy Frontier
Feb 24 - Thurs. Yurii Maravin Fermilab HEP Probing Standard Model with Light
Mar 1 Joe W. Gray Lawrence Berkeley National Lab D. Zollman Arts & Sciences Alumni Fellow - A Random Walk from Physics to Cancer Biology
Mar 3 - Thurs. Eva Halkiadakis Univ. of Rochester HEP An Experimentalist's View of Particle Physics at the Energy Frontier
Mar 10

2:00 p.m.

KSU Alumni Center Banquet Hall

Michael Turner Univ. of Chicago Cosmic Facts, Surprises and Mysteries:  What we know and don't know about the birth and destiny of the Universe
Mar 15 Kate Kirby ITAMP at Harvard B. DePaola Ethics Issues in the Practice of Physics
Mar 22       Spring Break
Mar 29 Jack Holl KSU History Physics Club Commemorating Einstein's Annus Mirabilis: Reflections on History and Physics
Apr 8 - Fri.

3:30 CW 103

Jerry Hastings LCLS, Stanford University L. Cocke The Whys and Hows of Ultrafast X-ray Science
Apr 12 Eckhard Von Toerne KSU   Heavy Quark Physics with Silicon Detectors at Collider Experiments (Mid-Tenure Review)
Apr 14 Stephen O'Brien Columbia Univ. T. Rahman Nanocrystals and Nanoscience
Apr 19 Art McDonald Queen's Univ. L. Cocke Particle and Astro- Physics with the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory and the New SNOLAB
Apr 26 Edward Gerjuoy University of Pittsburgh C.D. Lin

On Recollections of Oppenheimer and Schwinger

May 3 Charles Clark NIST C.D. Lin Method and Madness in Quantum Gases

Colloquia are normally held at 4:30 p.m. in Cardwell 102

Colloquium Committee:  Chii-Dong Lin (Chair), Zenghu Chang, Jingyu Lin, Eckhard Von Toerne

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