Colloquium Schedule for Spring 02 4:30pm CW 102
Refreshments served around 4:15 in CW 119
Date   Speaker Title of Colloquium Institution Host
Jan 14 Mon J. Chaloupka Double Ionization in an Intense Field Brookhaven Lab    
Jan 16 Wed E. Wells Laser-Molecule Interactions Univ of Virginia    
Jan 22 Tues    No Colloquium      
Jan 29 Tues B. Esry The Continuum in Atomic Physics: From Bose-Einstein to the Hubble Expansion (Mid-tenure review) KSU  
Feb 5 Tues R. Demina On Beauty, Silicon and Light Without Mass (Mid-tenure review) KSU  
Feb 12 Tues Stuart Solin Extraordinary Magnetoresistance in Narrow-Gap Semi- conductors: Fundamental Physics and Practical Applications NEC Res Inst J. Lin
Feb 19 Tues K. Cummings The Role of Conceptual Understanding In Problem Solving RPI S. Rebello
Feb 25 Mon E. Von Toerne Recent CLEO Results on Rare Hadronic B Meson Decays OSU T. Bolton
Feb 28 Thur Ron Sidwell Finding Treasure at the Tevatron: Search for Supersymmetric Glue KSU T. Bolton
Mar  7 Thur L. Babukhadia Preons or PDFs? And what's ahead? Fermilab T. Bolton
Mar 11 Mon Owen Long Recent Progress in CP Violation UCSB - SLAC T. Bolton
Mar 12 Tues H.  Batelaan The Kapitza-Dirac Effect U of Nebraska B. Esry
Mar 13 Wed Harald Fox Higgs Physics at the D0 Experiment Fermilab T. Bolton
Mar 19 Tues    Spring Break (March 18-22)    
Mar 26 Tues    No Colloquium    
Mar 28 Thurs Anne Chaka Quantum Mechanics and the Automobile NIST T. Rahman
April 2 Tues    No Colloquium    
April 4 Thurs Steve Bernasek Probing Internal State Effects in Heterogeneous Reactions Princeton T. Rahman
April 9 Tues F. Goldberg How Computer Simulators Can Help Provide a Bridge Between Students' Initial Models and Target Instructional Models of Physics Phenomena San Diego State S. Rebello
April 16 Tues Maria Tamargo Wide Bandgap II-VI Compounds for Red-Green-Blue LEDs and Other Devices CCNY J. Lin
April 23 Tues J. Peatross Gruppengeschwindigkeit and the Homer Simpson Effect BYU Z. Chang
April 30 Tues X. Pan How Does Tomographic Imaging Work? Univ. of Chicago C.D. Lin
May 8 Wed   Reserved for High Energy Physics   B. Reay
May 14 Tues   Semester Examinations    

Committee membersC.D. Lin (Chair), Ron Sidwell, Bharat Ratra, Zenghu Chang, Jingyu Lin


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