Colloquium Schedule for Spring 00 4:30pm CW 102
Refreshments served around 4:15 in CW 119
Date Speaker Title of Colloquium Institution Host
Jan 18 Michael Cherney First Collisions at STAR, the Solenoidal Tracker at RHIC Creighton HEP
Jan 25 Peter Gorham The Moon as Detector for Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos: Fact, Fiction, or Lunacy? JPL HEP 
Feb 1 John Harton Beauty particle decays  Colorado State Bolton
Feb 8 Alexander Szalay The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Johns Hopkins Ratra/HEP
Feb 15 John Hardy Superallowed Beta Decay: a Nuclear Probe of the Electroweak Standard Model Texas A&M Ratra/HEP
Feb 22 Pierre Sikivie The Search for Axion Dark Matter  Florida Bolton 
Feb 29 Peter Nugent Measurements of the Cosmological Parameters using Supernovae  LBL Ratra
Mar 2 Martin Gaskell The Environs of Supermassive Black Holes U  of Nebraska Physics Club
Mar 7 Min Xiao
Arkansas Jiang/Lin 
Mar 14 Phillip Gould Ultracold Collisions: The Influence of Laser Light U of Connecticut DePaola
Mar  21  
Spring Break (March 20-24)
Mar 28  Beth Ann Thacker A Study of the Nature of Students' Models of Microscopic Processes in 
Modern Physics and Quantum Mechanics
Texas Tech Zollman 
April 4 Ira Wasserman The Expansion of the Universe Cornell Ratra/HEP
April 11 Arnold Honig Large, Portable, WORKING Highly Spin Polarized Solid HD Targets Syracuse Jiang/Lin
April 18 Amy Liu Topics in Condensed Matter  Georgetown  Rahman 
April 25  
May 2 Andrew Rappe Topics in Condensed Matter U of Pennsylvania Rahman
May 4 John Delos Topics in Atomic Physics Theory William & Mary CD Lin
Committee members: Sidwell, Hagmann, Ratra

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