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Colloquium Schedule for Fall 2004 4:30pm CW 102
Refreshments served around 4:15 in CW 119
Date   Speaker Title of Colloquium Institution Host
Aug 24 Tues Dean Zollman Welcome Back KSU  
Aug 31 Tues Dean Zollman Physics & the History of Bicycles:  An Example of the Interaction of Science, Industry and Society KSU  
Sep 7 Tues Joe C. Campbell

Photodetectors: UV  to IR

Univ. of Texas-Austin H. Jiang/J. Lin
Sep 16 Thurs Jae Yu Scientific Grid Computing Univ. of Texas-Arlington E. Von Toerne
Sep 21 Tues Larry Weaver Nature's Greatest Puzzles KSU  
Sep 28 Tues Chris Quigg The Double Simplex: Envisioning Particles and Interactions Fermilab E. Von Toerne
Oct 7 Thurs Tobias M. Hertel Science and Technology of Carbon Nanotubes: Promise and Challenge Vanderbilt Univ. P. Richard
Oct 15 -- 4 p.m. Fri Mark Kasevich Precision Force Sensors Based on Atom Interferometry Stanford Univ. B. Esry
Oct 26 Tues Jing Li From Quantum Dots to Hybrid II-VI Semiconductors: Novel Nanostructured Materials Promising for Optical Applications Rutgers Univ. J. Lin/H. Jiang 
Nov 1 Mon Brian Washburn

Mode-locked Fiber Lasers and Their Applications

NIST D. Zollman
Nov 11 Thurs Karl Jacobi Designing Mesoscopic Structures for Nano Optics: InAs quantum dots on GaAs substrates Fritz Haber Inst (Max Planck Gesselschaft) T. Rahman
Nov 16 Tues   RESERVED    
Nov 23 Tues   THANKSGIVING    
Nov 30 Tues Charles Clark Method and Madness in Quantum Gases NIST C.D. Lin
Dec 7 Tues Ruth Chabay & Bruce Sherwood Fundamental Principles in Introductory Physics North Carolina State Univ. S. Rebello

Committee membersChii-Dong Lin (Chair), Zenghu Chang, Jingyu Lin, Eckhard Von Toerne, Shama Jabeen

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