Colloquium Schedule for Spring 01 4:30pm CW 102
Refreshments served around 4:15 in CW 119
Date   Speaker Title of Colloquium Institution Host
Jan 16 Tues   Reserved    
Jan 23 Tues   Reserved    
Feb 01 Thurs Sanjay Rebello Adapting Research-Based Pedagogy: Lessons  Learned Clarion  
Feb 6 Tues Mel Sabella  TBA Washington  
Feb 27 Tues James  Peebles How I Learned to Love the Cold Dark Matter Model for Cosmic Structure Formation and Still Avoid Settling Bets on the Cosmological Tests Princeton Ratra
Mar 5 Mon CW103  Ken Wharton Hot Electrons from Intense Laser-Solid Interactions LLNL  
Mar 12 Mon CW103 Zenghu Chang High Intensity Laser for Ultrafast X-Ray Science Michigan  
Mar 15 Thurs George  Musser Bridging Science and Journalism: the Inner Workings of Scientific American Scientific American  
Mar  20 Tues   Spring Break (March 19-23)    
Mar 27 Tues Kip Thorne LIGO and LISA: Opening the Gravitational Wave Window onto the Universe Cal Tech HEP
Mar 29 Thurs Chunlei Guo Cartoon Solutions of Multielectron Problems in Strong Laser Fields LANL  
April 10 Tues Michael O'Shea Nanostructured Materials KSU  
April 19 Thurs Yun Wang Probing Fundamental Physics with Cosmological Data  Oklahoma Ratra
April 30 Mon Paul Corkum Atomic Physics  National Research Council (Canada)  Cocke 
Committee members:  DePaola, J. Lin, Ratra, and Sidwell

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