Fall 2005 Colloquia


Date   Speaker Institution Host Title of Colloquium
Sep 6

Dean Zollman



Welcome Back

Sep 13

Adrian Melott

Univ of Kansas

T. Bolton

Did a Gamma-Ray Burst Initiate the Late Ordovician Mass Extinction?

Sep 20

Zheng-Tian Lu

Argonne National Lab

C.D. Lin

Atom Trap, Krypton-81, and Saharan Water

Sep 27

Zhenghu Chang


  Kansas Light Source: From Femtosecond to Attosecond
Oct 4

J.R. Manson

Clemson University

T. Rahman

Scattering of Small Molecules by Surfaces
Oct 13 - Thurs

Tony Heinz

Columbia Univ.

T. Rahman Optical Properties of Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes:  Probing the Excited States of 1-dimensional Materials
Oct 20 - Thurs

Josh Klein


T. Bolton

Exploring the Nu World: Searching for New Physics with Continuous-Source
Neutrino Experiments
Nov 1

Hal Metcalf


B. DePaola

Optical Forces in Multi-colored Light
Nov 8

George Simonis  (KSU Alum)

Army Research Lab

J.Y. Lin

Thirty Years in Optoelectronics

Nov 15 Pierre Agostini Ohio State University, LIXAM, CNRS C.D. Lin

Multicolor, Multiphoton Single and Double Ionization Processes

Nov 22 Thanksgiving - No Colloquium
Nov 29

Noah Finkelstein


S. Rebello

Recent Advances in Physics Education Research: Examining the Contexts and Tools of Student Learning

Colloquia are normally held at 4:30 p.m. in Cardwell 102

Colloquium Committee:  Chii-Dong Lin (Chair), Zenghu Chang, Jingyu Lin, Eckhard Von Toerne

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