Preons or PDFs? And what's ahead?




I will describe the latest about quest for quark substructure at the energy frontier at the Fermilab Tevatron in light of recent, significantly extended inclusive jet production measurement with the Run I DZero collider detector. It is the first time that the Tevatron jets data start to play very important role in constraining parton and especially gluon distribution functions (PDFs). It appears that observed possible excess at high jet transverse momenta might be accommodated by modified gluon PDF at moderate and high fractions of parton momentum transfer. Recently released CTEQ and MRST PDF sets are already incorporating these new jets data with interesting and profound implications.

The Tevatron Run II is ongoing. One of the main goals is to unveil the problem of electroweak symmetry breaking by perhaps discovering the elusive Higgs particle. I will briefly describe the significantly upgraded detector and trigger and will summarize prospects for searching for Higgs at the Tevatron.


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