How Does Tomographic Imaging Work?

Xiaochuan Pan

Associate Professor Graduate Program in Medical Physics Department of Radiology, MC2026 The University of Chicago 5841 S. Maryland Avenue Chicago, IL 60637 Email: WWW:

After introducing the field of medical imaging, I will discuss the role and basic principles of tomographic imaging. This discussion will include what the major tomographic imaging modalities (CT, MRI, Ultrasound, SPECT and PET) measure and how images are reconstructed from this data. I will then give a flavor of the research in our group, where we attempt, e.g., to understand the symmetries of the data in various modalities in order to minimize image artifacts, to control image noise, and to reduce scanning effort. To conclude the talk, I will tour briefly emerging imaging modalities, improvements to existing modalities and the challenges they present for tomographic image reconstruction.

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