Physics 971: Statistical Mechanics


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The final is a 24-hour take home exam. It will be posted on this website at 10am on Thursday 12/19. It is due in my office Friday 12/20/2013 at 10am. You may use any class materials (lecture notes, textbook, homeworks, posted solutions) but no outside materials (other books, internet). Use of Mathematica is acceptable, but please indicate where it has been used. Work alone, and do not discuss the exam with your classmates until all exams have been turned in. You may email me for questions or clarifications, and all responses will be posted here to be shared with the class.

Final solutions
Exams can be picked up from my office the week of 12/30.

Questions and Clarifications:

Homework 7 has been graded and can be picked up in my office after 1:30pm.

There was an error on the syllabus regarding the midterm dates. The correct dates are 9/26 and 11/5 11/12 (see below). A corrected copy of the syllabus has been posted above. Sorry for the error.

Midterm 1 solutions This is the corrected solution set

Midterm 2 solutions

Homework assignments:

Homework 1 Due 9/10/2013 solutions

Homework 2 Due 9/24/2013 solutions

Homework 3 Due 10/10/2013 solutions

Homework 4 Due 10/22/2013 solutions

Homework 5 Due 10/31/2013 11/7/2013 solutions

Homework 6 Due 12/3/2013 solutions

Homework 7 Due Friday 12/13/12 solutions

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