Army Research Laboratory

Adelphi, MD

30+ Years in Opto-Electronics

 Cardwell 102

Tuesday,November 8, 2005

4:30 p.m.


Presentation will cover a range of optoelectronics R & D activities over the last 30+ years including high-energy lasers and non-linear optics, optically pumped THz lasers, THz instrumentation and properties of materials, RF photonics, III-V optoelectonic devices, waveguide integrated optics, and vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers. Present activities within the Microphotonics Branch include integrated opto-electronics, OE networking, nitride optoelectronics, MW IR scene generation, and MEMs-photonic crystal structures. There may be some brief reflections about the serendipity of a technical career evolution and how it has happened up to now.



Ph. D. from KSU in solid state Raman spectroscopy under Prof. Charles Hathaway in  1973. Commission in Army at KSU ROTC in 1971. Served as Army officer at Harry Diamond Labs, Washington, DC, doing opto-electronics research 1972-1974. Civil service research physicist in opto-electronics at Harry Diamond Labs and its successors, Laboratory Command and Army Research Laboratory, from 1974 to the present. Branch Chief of the Microphotonics Branch for the last 10 years. Acting Division Chief of the Electro-Optics and Photonics Division, 2001-2003.