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Department of Physics

Physics Department
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NSF REU at K-State: Laser-matter Interactions at the Atomic and Nanoscales

The K-State REU program offers summer fellowships to do world-class research in our friendly physics department in the scenic Flinthills. We are funded by the National Science Foundation.

2009 REU Student Projects

Brant Abeln mentored by Brett Esry (AMO Physics)

Saroj Adhikari mentored by Larry Weaver (General Theoretical Physics)

Kristina Drawbridge mentored by Bruce Law (Condensed Matter Physics) 

Valerie Gray mentored by Tim Bolton (High Energy Physics)

Tyler McKean mentored by Brian Washburn (AMO Physics)

Daniel Mickelson mentored by Brett DePaola (AMO Physics)

Will Neely mentored by Bret Flanders (Condensed Matter Physics)

Bret Polopolus mentored by Itzik Ben-Itzhak (AMO Physics)

Jeffrey Powell mentored by Chris Sorensen (Condensed Matter Physics)

Amy Rouinfar mentored by Sanjay Rebello (Physics Education)

Kevin Schoelz mentored by Amit Chakrabarti (Condensed Matter Physics)

Jennifer Schuler mentored by Brian Washburn and Kristan Corwin (AMO Physics)

Ryan Scooley mentored by Tim Bolton and Glenn Horton-Smith (High Energy Physics)

Sam Spencer mentored by Vinod Kumarappan (AMO Physics)

National Science Foundation

This program is funded by the National Science Foundation through grant number PHY-1157044. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.