Glenn Horton-Smith

32B Cardwell Hall
1228 N. 17th St.
Manhattan, KS 66506

Classes taught at one time or another

Phys 639, Computational Physics
(course info)
Phys 114, General Physics 2
(course info, old)
Phys 707C, Special Topics in Physics: Programming in C++ with ROOT for physicists
(special topic course)
Phys 113, General Physics 1
(course info, old)
Phys 707 ZA, Programming and Numerical Methods for Scientists
(Course Notes)
Phys 191, Descriptive Astronomy
(supplemental material)
Phys 801, Math Methods for Physics
(see course catalog)
Phys 694, Particle Physics
(course info)
Phys 451/452, Contemporary physics
(see course catalog)

Current Research

Experiments which observe neutrinos and antineutrinos from accelerators, with energies up to a few billion electron volts:

Experiment to search for neutrinoless muon decay: