Dynamic High Repetition Rate Fiber Laser

by Tyler D. McKean

Supervisor: Brian Washburn

This program is funded by the National Science Foundation through grant number PHY-0851599.









Research Results

About Me


Welcome To My Webpage!

This page summarizes my experience in the 2009 Kansas State University Physics REU. I worked with Brian Washburn on a project entitled “Dynamic High Repetition Rate Carbon Nanotube Fiber Laser Frequency Comb.” 

Things I Acomplished:

·        Developed a method for depositing carbon nanotubes on the end of single mode fiber.

·        Characterized the properties of the nanotubes we were using.

·        Built a  mode-locked carbon nanotube fiber laser.

·        Developed a design for a dynamic high repition rate laser.



Summary Statement:

Through the use of single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) and their saturable absorption properties, it is possible to create a very stable mode-locked fiber laser. In turn, a very stable frequency comb can be generated by this type of laser. One of the main applications of this resulting frequency comb would be frequency comb metrology. Through which, it is possible to characterize the unknown frequency of a laser by referencing it to this stabilized frequency comb. By being able to dynamically control the properties of this frequency comb it is possible to make this process much more accurate.

I devoted the majority of my research to building and characterizing a carbon nanotube fiber laser and also to designing a laser that would allow for dynamic change of the frequency comb.