Mathematical Methods for Physicists, Physics 801 (Wysin)
Kansas State University, Fall 2000.

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Tuesday, Thursday, 3:00 -- 5:00, Wednesday 10:30 -- 120:00, CW 309 or CW 316/317.

For more course information, go here: Fall 2000 Physics 801 Syllabus.

Lecture Notes

Based on texbooks:
Mathematical Methods for Physicists, by George B. Arfken and Hans J. Weber, Academic Press, Fourth Edition . (1995).
Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics, by Frederick W. Byron and Robert W. Fuller, Addison-Wesley (1969).
Vectors and Index Notation
Curvilinear Coordinates and Differential Operators
Tensors and Coordinates
Vector Spaces, Operators and Matrices
Similarity Transformations: Summary and Example
Dirac Delta Function
Analytic Functions, Part I: Cauchy-Reimann, Branch Cuts, Cauchy Theorem, Mappings
Analytic Functions, Part II: Poles, Residues, Integrals and Sums
Infinite Series
Note on Binomial Theorem
Elliptic Integrals and Functions
Differential Equations in Physics
Using Green's Functions to Solve Differential Equations
Sturm-Liouville Theory of 2nd Order Self-Adjoint ODE's
Fourier Series: Function Expansions on Finite Intervals
Integral Transforms: Fourier and Laplace
Legendre Functions (Problems with Azimuthal Symmetry)
Lagrange Multipliers: Extremum Problems with Constraints
Calculus of Variations: Extremum Problems
Euler-Lagrange Examples: Light Path Problems

Exams and Solutions

Midterm Exam,     Solution.
Bonus question 1,     Solution.
Bonus question 2,     Solution.

Final Exam,     Solution.

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