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Department of Physics

Waves of Matter

Students explore qualitatively the wave behavior of matter with visualization activities. They examine applications of quantum physics to devices ranging from the electron microscope to the Star Trek Transporter. Prerequisite: A knowledge of wave motion.

01 Exploring Light from Gases
02 Understanding the Spectra Emitted by Gas Lamp 
03 Light and Waves
04 Matter Waves 
05 Interpreting Wave Functions 
06 Creating Wave Functions 
07 More Steps for Sketching Wave Functions 
08 Wave Functions Electrons in Atoms 
09 Energies in Atoms 
10 Wave Functions of Lonely Electrons 
11 Moving Lonely Electrons 
12 It Was Probably Heisenberg 
All Waves of Matter instructional units in one PDF file

Click here to request a copy of the Teacher's Guide. In your request please include enough information so that we can verify that you are a physics teacher.