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Department of Physics

Visual Quantum Mechanics

If you are looking for Visual Quantum Mechanics programs that run online, you have been redirected here.  Online VQM programs require versions of Flash which are not supported.  However, we have standalone versions which will run on your Windows or Mac computers. 


Downloads for Windows and Macs of most programs created for the Visual Quantum Mechanics project. To use the programs, please download and install the appropriate version to your computer.

Visual Quantum Mechanics - The Original

The original Visual Quantum Mechanics project developed materials for high school students and non-science college students.  The link above will take you to links for the written lessons and the software which can run off-line.

VQM - The Next Generation

Teaching-learning materials for science and engineering students who have completed a two-semester calculus-based physics course.  The link above will take you to links for the written lessons.