Real World Applications

Above are results from the simulation and a picture taken from a November 2005 paper Bromberg et al.  On the left hand side the colloidal particles have grouped together to form a gel clusters.  We then took the largest cluster and put it into a higher potential to melt it.  This caused the cluster to break up and form the microspheres and monomers in the last image.  The right hand size shows the final result of this same process done in real life.  The microspheres are made of insulin.

Using this procedure, it is possible to generate these insulin microspheres, which could then be used to treat diabetes.  The method of using insulin microspheres instead of just normal insulin to treat diabetes could possibly decrease the frequency with which diabetics would have to take insulin shots.



Phase Diagram

Sublimation in 2D

Sublimation in 3D

Real World Applications


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