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I am looking into describing the sublimation of crystals under the influence of the Asakura-Oosawa potential.  This potential is used to describe particles that interact through the means of smaller intermediary particle.  The project was intended to try and discover the mechanism for sublimation.  In two dimensions, sublimation is a two step process.  First a transient liquid phase forms around the crystal, and then particles are able to sublimate out of the liquid.  To try and discover the mechanism behind 3D sublimation, we used computer simulations to model Asakura-Oosawa interactions.   We then analyzed the data from the simulations to try and understand the geometry of the melting and as well as how the crystal melted.   While we discovered some promising mathematical descriptions of the sublimation process, these descriptions are still too vague to reconcile with the data collected from the simulations.




Phase Diagram

Sublimation in 2D

Sublimation in 3D

Real World Applications


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