Simulating the Aggregation of Globular Proteins in Solution at Various Salt Concentrations



            By: Alex Olinger                

  Supervisors: Siddique Khan and Dr. Amit Chakrabarti

This program is funded by the National Science Foundation through grant number PHY-0851599.


Here is my webpage!!! Check out my epic hyperlinks that contain useful information about my project and I.  It has become important in the medical world to control the aggregation of proteins such as insulin in order to obtain aggregates that make the protein deliverable to patients in need.  My simulations of globular proteins attempt to model such aggregation.  The conditions of constant temperature and volume were chosen due to similar conditions seen in the human body.  The monomers I used are spherical, have a diameter of 3-4 nanometers, have a uniform charge distribution, and are in solution.  Therefore, there is a short range attractive Van der Waals force between any two particles along with a long range Coulombic repulsion.  This Coulombic repulsion can be screened by effectively adding a certain amount of salt to the solution containing the proteins.  For more information, check out my links! Enjoy!!!!!