Applied Quantum Mechanics, Physics 709 (Wysin)
Kansas State University, Fall 1998.

Office Hours:

Tuesday, Thursday, 1:30 -- 2:30 CW 309 or CW 316/317.

For more course information, go here: Fall 1998 Physics 709 Syllabus.

Lecture Notes

Based on texbook:
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, by David J. Griffiths, Prentice-Hall, Inc. (1995).
Old Quantum theory,
Black bodies, photo-electric effect, photons, Compton effect, Bohr-Sommerrfeld quantization.

1D Schrodinger Equation,
A linear equation , stationary states, free particle, momentum-space, delta potential well, bound/scattering states, transmission/reflection, delta barrier.

3D Schrodinger Equation:
infinite well, density of states, spherical symmetry, spherical harmonics, radial equation 1, radial equation 2, hydrogen energies.

Angular momentum:
algebra 1, algebra 2, algebra 3, spin-1/2 1, spin-1/2 2, electron in B , addition 1, addition 2, Spin-s + Spin-1/2, more Spin-s + Spin-1/2.

Identical particles:
identical, bosons, fermions, exchange, hydrogen molecule, helium atom, periodic table, free electrons, degneracy pressure, white dwarfs, white dwarfs, Bloch Theorem, Dirac Comb, energy bands, Example problem on Dirac Comb,

Approximation method: Perturbation Theory:
theory, 1st order, 2nd order, degenerate 1, degenerate 2, Stark 1, Stark 2, spin-orbit 1, spin-orbit 2, relativistic, weak Zeeman, strong Zeeman, strong Zeeman n=2, intermediate Zeeman, hyperfine 1, hyperfine 2, hyperfine 3,

Approximation method: Variational Principle:
Approximate energies, simple harmonic oscillator, SHO, helium atom, helium, H2+ ion, H2+ ion integrations, H2+ ion results.

State Transitions: Time-Dependent Perturbation Theory:
two-level theory, sinusoids in time, electromagnetic transitions, incoherent perturbations, spontaneous emission, harmonic osc. lifetime example, harmonic osc. quantization. harmonic osc. matrix elements. selection rules.

Scattering Theory:
Classical differential x-section, quantum scattering, partial waves, spherical Hankel functions, quantum hard sphere, integral Schrodinger equation [Born approx.], f(theta) in Born approximation, phase shifts, free particle, f(theta) from phase shifts, phase shift examples.

Exams and Solutions

Exam 1: 1D & 3D potentials & identical particles (pdf) ,     Solution .
Exam 1 Extra Credit: Extended Analysis of Problem 1,     Solution .
Exam 2: Approximation methods & degenerate gases (pdf),     Solution.
Exam 3: State transitions and scattering (pdf),     Solution.

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