Disassociation and Ionization of Molecular Ions

        by Nick Timme

        supervisor:  Itzik Ben-Itzhak

Kansas State University Physics Department  REU Program, sponsored by NSF

In this website I will be posting information about my summer research experience. I am working with Dr. Ben-Itzhak's AMO group studying the disassociation and ionization of molecules. I attend Illinois Wesleyan University, but through the REU program and the kindness of the Kansas State University Physics Department, I am here for the summer doing research. Another REU student, Sam Farentholtz, is also working with Dr. Ben-Itzhak's group and we spend most of our time working together on various projects.

Unfortunately, at this time most of the projects on which I am working contain sensitive information that cannot be posted on the internet. I will post information about non-sensitive information as soon as possible, but the complete description of my summer experience probably won't be posted for some time. Thank you for your patience.

Broadly speaking, I am working on three projects. Below you will find links to the three separate projects.

Project 1

Project 2


In addition to my research projects, you will also find links to pages about our ethics classes, my final presentation, and my final report.

Ethics Classes

Final Presentation

About Me:  As I said above, I attend Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, IL. IWU is a small liberal arts school, so I'm very happy to be at a high powered research institution for the summer. I am a philosophy and physics double major. I will be a senior in the fall and so I'm freaking out about the GRE, graduate school (philosophy and/or physics), and life after undergraduate work. I enjoy cycling, playing guitar, reading, and painting, if I can find the space. Thanks for reading my website.


Useful Links: 

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