Photo Gallery


Sam and Myself at the dorm. I'm describing ions...or something.

Especially in tough situations, you just have to turn to Griffiths.

This is a hilarious photo of Ted. I love it.

Here's James in the hall. Man, he has nice hair.

James hard a work on his detector, well actually the case for the detector. A schematic of the detector can be seen in the foreground.

From Left: Nick, Itzik, Max, and Eli

This was taken on the last day Eli and I would see Itzik. Eli will have left for grad school and I will have gone home by the time Itzik returns.

More of the same, but with Jarlath in Eli's place.

Richard after we woke him up to say good-bye to some SUROP kids.

The awesome summer research intramural volleyball team. We lost every match.

Look at the kinetic energy of the ball. It must be immense.

James, Joe, Emily, and Tom in the dorm.

Eli on his last day in Manhattan. He's shaking his arms because, while his momentum is well know, as a result of the uncertainty principle, his position is not well know. Unfortunately, this effect was not detected by my camera. Apparently, it's not sensitive enough to those quantum mechanical effects.

Sam and Dante attempting to run me down.

Dante is so agile.

Sam plugging something in.

I'm adjusting the Faraday cup.

I'm measuring a length. Unfortunately, I can't (as in not allowed) tell you why.

Same deal.

Here's the crew on Maria and Kara's last day.

Back Row from Left: James, Kara, Rich, Dante

Middle Row: Tom F., Tom E., Emily, Me, Joe

Front: Maria

The picture was taken by some guy named Miles. He's pretty cool. This was a sad occasion since Maria and Kara were leaving. Though they were technically part of the Math REU, they spent a lot of time with us and we all became great friends.

This picture was taken on Jen and Alyssa's last day in Manhattan. Man, we're losing people fast. From Left: Me, Jen, Joe, Dante, Alyssa, Tom F., Sam, and Tom E.

Jen and Alyssa were part of the SUROP program, but we spent a lot of time with them too. They lived right across the hall and we played volleyball with them. It was sad to see them go.

Our sweet feet that we made for something. They are supposed to go where the big black blocks are. Clearly, they have not been employed yet.


I blew something up. Apparently.


Number 1 baby. Number 1.


So, the electric key card to the JRM can be detected by the little keypad through your pants and wallet. Thus, I rub my bum along the keypad until the door opens.




They let me in here?!


The danger is serious.


Rich talks funny.


Sam looks so profession.


Sam with Kevin Carnes.


Sam is trying to figure out to pose so that he looks like he's doing something.


Now he's figured it out.


Sam's reaching (to look professional).


Damn it Sam! I said don't hit your head on the beam line!


Hey, we have one of these lock-in amplifiers at Wesleyan. Man, it's like I'm at home.






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